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League brings passionate people together. Lifelong friendships and unbreakable bonds are formed between players, parents, and coaches, sharing side-lines, catching up at trainings and facing the ups and downs together. League isn’t just a game, it connects generations, builds skills and support networks, promotes healthy lifestyles and brings individuals into communities with a sense of belonging - Greatness grows here.

Women League RugbyWomen League Rugby


Always wanted to give it a go? The Women's game has been changing rugby league for the better and putting them in the driver’s seat for where the sport is headed. Don't miss your chance to be a part of change!

Women League RugbyWomen League Rugby

Non Contact

Like the game, but not the contact? We've got options of Kiwi Tag and the newly introduced League Tag (full-field) that are suitable for everyone! Build skills, get fit and learn league it these fun fast-paced games.

Women League RugbyWomen League Rugby

Weight Restricted

We're re-introducing weight restricted grades from the age of 12 to help players become more comfortable on the field. This option is great for growing confidence around contact and tackling, so grab a friend and give it a go.

“Some players, they play to make it Professional, but at this stage of my life, I do it because it's fun, it's a challenge. I'm still pretty competitive”

Tony (35)Teacher, Player and Dad

“I think Rugby League is a vessel for kids. Helps keep them out of trouble and gives them a sense of belonging. It also teaches them life skills and values which I still have today.”

TJHead Coach and Dad

“I was raised within a family of service, so it was only natural to want to be part of something that serves people and community. It's the excitement of no two days ever being the same and meeting new people that keeps me preserving year after year”

ValerieVolunteer and Club Leader

“I love how invested my son is in this sport. He will tell you every fact under-the-sun about any player in NRL. He's got a real deep passion for it. I like the sense of community. I like the lifelong friends that my son has made… his best friends are his teammates.”

CarlyTeacher and Mama

“It's a fast-paced, action-packed game and it's really exciting to watch. Kids learn valuable life lessons like teamwork and respect, and in a safe and supportive environment. The people you meet as a parent are really good people that end up becoming good friends.”



Rugby league football, commonly known as just rugby league and sometimes football, footy, rugby or league. Be part of the game, the community and the life.

High fitness level
90 minutes
Play League
CTA TmageCTA Tmage

League Tag

For those that love the league game, but don't want to take the hits any longer. League Tag is played on a full field but replaces tackling with an alternative means to end each play

No contact
High fitness level
90 minutes
Play League Tag
CTA TmageCTA Tmage

Kiwi Tag

Same same but different. Think all the good bits of rugby league, without the contact. This fast-paced and fun game is based around the rules of rugby league, and its suitable for all ages, genders, sizes, and skill levels.

No contact
All fitness level
90 minutes
Play Kiwi Tag
CTA TmageCTA Tmage

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Pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves in the kitchen or settle onto the sidelines, our clubs are full of life, laughter and encouragement. ARL clubs are spread Auckland-wide, from the Shore to the South, but we're knitted together.

We're a hub of connection, supporting each other, our players, families and communities, on and off the field. Maybe you need a rideshare or an extra pair of hands for a bake sale? Want mentorship or are seeking scholarship opportunities? Stay for a cuppa and hang about for a chat — we're for you.

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CTA Tmage

Men’s premiers and championships

Fox Memorial

The Fox Memorial Shield is the top prize for the Men's Rugby League competition in Tāmaki Makaurau, having been contested for since 1931. This Premier competition is usually competed for by a limited number of teams who have qualified as the top within the region. This season 12 of our 30 clubs will take part in the competition.

Clubs Playing Fox Memorial

Sharman Cup

The Sharman Cup is contested for by Men's Premier teams of clubs that didn't qualify for the Fox Memorial Premiership. Aside from competing for the Sharman Cup, the top four teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the Fox Memorial Premiership the following year.

Clubs Playing Sharman Cup

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